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Phonograph Parts & reconditioning services
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Here is an EDISON AMBEROLA 30 which was recently cleaned and refurbished at SOUNDS GOOD-Pro Audio. Other Victor & Columbia phonographs reconditioned are shown below. We use only original parts (when available) and have a worldwide network of phonograph parts sources to get hard to find items for you.
Prices and availability always vary so you must inquire about specific parts.
My most recent phonograph reconditioning job.
The machine belongs to a gentleman from Texas and was sent to me in as found condition. Some squirrels had made it their home for a while and as you can see this machine was in very rough shape.

I think you get the idea? This machine had seen better days.
Here is what it looked like after I reconditioned it:
Columbia AQ Before:
Columbia AQ after restoration:
Victor Victrola VV-IX Before restoration

Victor Victrola VV-IX After restoration.
I had to replace the veneer on the lid.
Victor VV-VI Before reconditioning pictured below
Victor VV-VI After .....
This is the same Machine as pictured above!!!!

(This page last updated on November, 26, 2002)